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India is known for its rich culture and heritage. But the increasing number if oldage homes is adding shame to our nation. An ancient adage says Maatha , pita, guru , deivam which refers to the order of importance our ancestors have given. A mother and father are ranked higher than even the Almighty. Parents take care of their kids with utmost affection and unconditional love. They don't expect anything in return from their children. But they deserve to be respected and loved. Many children treat their parents as ATMs , that is, they only want money from their parents but they don't respect them nor love them. What we do will ricochet and come back to us. These children forget the fact that in future they will also be treated in the same way by their kids. Old age homes are mainly for people who got abandoned by their kids. They may have all facilities and amenities in an old age home but they will not get the love they need. Love is a medicine which can cure many diseases. Indians, who are known for their precious family set up, should protest against people who send their parents to old age homes. We must all understand that , " we must take care of our parents when they become old" . In fact , " it is the oldest tree that bears the sweetest fruit " .