Education plays an important  role in our life. all parents wish that their child should have a better educated life..this education has some adverse effect also.
there are many people in this world missing this education like The terrorists, who are educated, seem to be creating more troubles to people as they misuse their knowledge and intelligence.Education has now become a business beyond justification nationally and internationally. Too much of money is being spent and there are many bad quality institutions existing today.and the number of suicide is also growing rapidly because the students are not able afford the fees and also the educational pressure is also very high.
if we use this education in a good manner then this will help our country if you use this in opposite manner you will be the reason of the destruction of your country 
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It is well known fact that education plays a vital role in bringing up a person economically and socially. It is said that education helps people in many ways. But, at the same time unknowingly it may cause some ill effects . some of which are furnished here under.

               As for students if they completely spend time on studies they cant go for sports and games as a result of which they will become physically weak.. As it is said that "A sound  mind lives in a sound body", one should be physically and mentally strong to become successful in life.  Thus education has as adverse effect on students who  are successful in studies. In due course  of time they cant do some work which needs some physical labour.

               On the other hand the well educated people may change their dress habits. Some educated people may give importance to the western culture as a 
result of which we are  loosing our native tradition and culture,
                 The most prominent adverse effect of education is how it effects the family relations. Some times  the well educated persons want to  show their dominance on the other persons in their family.Sometimes they give much importance to money and social position rather than to their family. Some educated people do not respect elders thinking that they are of no use at all throwing the traditions in to mud water. 
                so, on whole.through there are many benefits o education we cannot reject that there are some adverse effects of education.

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