This is a conversation between two friends A and B.

A- hello!
B- hi! did u read the newspaper today?
A-no i didnt. whats the matter? u look a bit tense.
B- the headline said "many parts of various continents and islands on the verge of drowning". 
A- Oh. that. yes 
B- Why is this all happening?
A- Bcause of global warming.
B- How come?
A- U know global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Bcause of the rising temp. all the ice in the poles, the glaciers are melting quickly. This is resulting in increase in the water levels of our oceans, seas. Thats why many of the lands near the sea level are drowning.
B-Oh. But whats behind  all this?
A- Us.
A- yes us. Humans. We are the ones who's disturbing the nature's balance.
B- How come?
A- Global warming is effect of  greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. And the increase of these gases is all our fault.
B- hmm.
A- we are using sprays, air conditionrs, refrigerators that has a large amount of CFC. Pollution is also a factor.
B- ok. i get it. Human is always harming the nature. It is very imp to save our environment.
A- Yes. human ignores the fact that by harming mother nature, we are only destroying us.
B- this is a very good example.
A- true.
B- He forgets that this precious planet is not ours alone. There are many species.
A- Nature has made us superior to other life forms so hat we take care of it, the nature, other species.
B- Yes, but we are doing jst the opposite. We are destroying it.
A- we can do so much for the earth by following a few eco-friendly deeds.
B- yes, I'll replace all my plastic bags with paper ones.
A- And we'll plant a tree together every week.
B- yeah. Atleast we are doing our bit to save the nature.
A- and we request others to do their bit.

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