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Pressure increases as you go deeper into water in a river. At the surface it is the standard atmospheric pressure.  At a depth h its pressure = 1 atm + ρ g h where ρ is density of water, and g is acceleration due to gravity.

Fluid Pressure in pipe of varying size.   A fluid is flowing through a pipe, of different cross-sections at different locations.  Pressure is more at a narrower cross section and lower at the wider cross-section.

Air pressure is more at the surface of earth. The atmospheric pressure decreases as we go up in altitude on mountains etc.

Pressure is .less in high altitudes, if we consider a dam having water,pr. is more  in the lower part of the dam ,less in the upper surface.ifwater is passed through a penstock pipe,we can experience more the ends of the pipe,because of its small surface area of the pipe