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2014-10-13T20:26:08+05:30 attract and hold attentively by unique power. 2 . Incapacitate 3. A mode or system of rule 4.marked. 5. Sorrow. 6 marvelous. 7. Enrage.
kya baat londe
Hey who r u..
Gaali dena band kar..
correct some meanings are a little wrong.
it is needed to explain a little. the inquirer asked question, so he can understand. if your answer is so short, how can inquirer understand

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Amazement means stupefaction.   (stupendous is adverb)
Amazement means a feeling of surprise or wonder. It can also mean a shock.

I looked at the Taj mahal in amazement. 
Disqualified :  to remove one person or thing from participating in some activity. To remove an authority or a right of a  person.
Regime : A duration in which some person or party is in authority.  The duration of governance of a person or a party.

          In the regime of Congress, they introduced food bill.

Pitted :
    having some indentation (like a pit) on the surface, unevenness in a surface  like a road.                   pitted fruits.. pitted road
Consoling :
           to tell some things to a sad person to make him feel better. 
        I consoled a small boy who was crying because he had secured very less marks.
Stupendous :
          Great    astonishing    unbelievable 
                   Sachin's achievement in Cricket is a stupendous feat.
Infuriated  :     enraged with anger,  
    In films, when the villain tries to destroy the property of the Hero, he gets infuriated and beats the villain.