1. What do you understand from
SCUBA Diving?
2. What will be the effect of
water pressure if we go deep into the water?
3. What are the problems faced
by SCUBA divers in deep sea?

4. Can science be used to
address this problem in local/global context? 5. Is science effective enough
to solve this problem? If so, then
discuss what measures/applications of science that can be taken to solve this

6. Discuss and analyze the
consequences of use and application of science in solving the problem
relating with one factor: moral, ethical, social, economic, political,
cultural and environmental.

These are some guiding questions I have to write in my article please send the answers.


First paragraph-
Introduction to SCUBA diving.

Difference between swimming and diving

Second Paragraph-
Describe the
ways in which water pressureaffects SCUBA divers under water.

Describe the
problems associated with ascent and descent in water.

Third Paragraph-
Discuss and
analyse the implications of using diving equipment to solve the problems faced by SCUBA divers.

Factors influencing
implementation of these diving equipments(moral, ethical, cultural, economic,
environmental etc.).

apply scientific language to communicate understanding clearly and precisely(
include terms like water pressure, density, compressed air, buoyancy etc.
wherever appropriate)

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scuba diving means diving very deep into the oceans.

we will not be able to breathe properly.

one major problem is the finishing of oxygen and this may lead to their death.

i think science can be used to solve this problem.we can take more oxygen if possible.

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Oxygen is not the main problem.
Scuba diving is diving under the ocean to great depths

If a person dives into the ocean without a diver suit.......
he will burst into pieces. It is because at normal pressure our body is also putting the same pressure in the atmosphere. But under the sea, as the depth increases, the pressure also increases. Thus this sudden pressure cannot be resisted by our body and it will burst out. Thus we wear sit so that there is a gap between our body surface and the ocean.

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