We can keep clean our nation amd our gandhi's dream by we have to be selfdependent and we have aware other people for e.g first we hav to keep clean our society by picking up garbage not throwing garbage in our society proper garbage van should come in our societu daily and hav to kee p our society clean if one people of our society will pick one garbage or rags definetly gandhi's dream will success
i. we have to do following steps : 1. aware people about this programme and teach them the importance of this programme.2. ask people to educate others. 3. workshops shold be conducted on this programme about how to make this programme. As it is said that "TODAY'S CHILDREN ARE TOMORROW'S CITZENS" we habe to educate children by going to their schools. 4. if we teach students/children regarding this they automaticcally teach their parents. we should conduct maximum campainings in villages as to aware them. 5. political leaders should come forwad to make this programme successful by 2019 as many people follow them. so go clean go green. cleanliness is next to godliness.