After our school exams had finished.Me and my friends planned a weekend trip to Goa.We booked train tickets for us and also booked a nice hotel for us to stay.As anyone of us had never been to Goa, the place was totally strange for us.But luckily,one of my friend's cousin whose name was Gopi lived there.He promised us that he will be with us during our trip and show the famous tourist spots there.He also said that he will be there to pick us from the station.
  So we had a three hour trip to Goa.We all were very excited.Our train reached Goa at 9 pm in the night.It was very dark, when we got down from the train.Gopi who had promised to be on the station was nowhere is sight.We all got very scared as the pace was totally strange to us.we waited for Gopi till midnight but he still didn't came so we finally decided to call him but there was no battery in the phone which had Gopi's number in it.We all stared thinking for an idea to call Gopi.
  As I was thinking, I saw a shop on the station.An idea suddenly came into my mind.We went to the shop and requested the shopkeeper to let us charge the phone.The shopkeeper quickly agreed to help us.Thanks to God!We called Gopi and asked why he didn't came.It was just a case of misunderstanding, as Gopi thought that we were going to come tomorrow.Then Gopi said apologized to us.After sometime Gopi reached the station and we went to the hotel.We really enjoyed this weekend trip.I hope we will go soon to another weekend trip.
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