We must start small which will lead to a bigger change.... We must reuse and do everything we can to reduce waste.More importantly we must NOT litter. We must educate as many people as we can as am individual to stop littering and very soon we will see a cleaner India
. we can help bycfollowing ways: 1. we have to aware people regarding this programme by conducting workshops. we have to aware villagers by conducting campainings. as it is said that"TODAY'S CHILDREN ARE TOMORROW'S CITIZEN" we have to educate children regarding this programme as they are young and energitix enough to make this programme successful. children/students educate their parents. we have to say people to aware others. before saying to every one to follow in this way we should follow and then we have to keep some inspirational peoples history before people so that they can come forwad to take partvin this programme.we have to aware people about the importance of these programmes by giving advertisements ,etc,. political leaders should come forwad to take part in this programme as general people follow them
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