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विद्यालय  स्वच्छ  बनें  तभी  तो  भविष्य  भारत तंदुरुस्त  बनें   अगर  विद्यालय  स्वच्छ  बनें  तभी  तो  भविष्य  भारत तंदुरुस्त  बनें  
विद्यालय  स्वच्छ  विद्यार्थी तंदुरुस्त और तेज 
जब विद्यालय  स्वच्छ हो जाए ,  सॉफ सुधरे बन (हो) जाएं   सोच 
 अपने विद्यालय साफ करें ,  पवित्र देवालय बनाएं  
Clean India, My Dream India
Two Hours a Week, Shows Clean India in Sight.
Clear our houses, Clean our Streets, Clean we Become

Clean India makes Healthy and Rich India.  Dirty India makes weak India.
Kill Diseases just by Clean India.

Learn Cleanliness, Spread Cleanliness, Be a clean Future Indian.

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1 wake up India wake up,  walk up towards swacch bharat
2 swacch bharat - one step towards cleanliness thousand forward steps for a healthy living.
3 Yesterday we smoked the green, today we keep it clean. Be green or you’re mean.
4 God Gave us Green now lets keep it clean
5 life is waste without  cleanliness, so  step towards swacch bharat.
6 Cleanliness is an emblem of purity of mind,so  step towards swacch bharat.
7 Maintain Cleanliness,to gain health and Happiness.
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