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Science, the systematic and unbiased study of the world, including everything that can be seen or detected in nature, man, and society, together with the knowledge that grows out of such study. The word science comes from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge."Scientists try to understand, explain, and predict the way in which everything in the world behaves or acts. In pursuing this goal, they study objects, forces, and events as varied as stars, atoms, microorganisms, earthquakes, climate, chemical reactions, magnetic forces, social groups, and human attitudes.Science has had a profound impact on daily life. The knowledge scientists accumulate about nature, or the physical world, is used to produce tools and machines and to develop technology for agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, communication, transportation, construction, mining, lumbering, and fishing. Scientific findings about human society and behavior influence the methods used in rearing children, teaching students, and treating the mentally ill.
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Good Morning To All hopefully since you all are having a good day I hope this speech isn't boring..
...As I have worked hard on it..Hope you like it...

Science is our most exciting Future...Let us enjoy it ....won't we??

Do you want to know something? if so then...Let us call the scientists and ask them if future is important or not? and if that is so then whom's future mine, yours or science?....Think over it..won't you??

 Science why can't we move further in technology from USA and other countries..why ??Ah! Let's come back to that future topic...The future,
We have to take it down and most probably embrace it HA-HA but yes this is true if we have to choose another word , not embrace then we humans only 
have to find that particular correct word ...right???There are hundreds of things in our world but..

India is now very much ahead in technology...If you had to choose something between expensive science and future what would you do?? Both indeed but you do not know something about Humans.The most Intelligent species "Human Beings'' depend on science. They are inventing things that our comfortable for them in future.. For us humans ...the word harmful is as much correct as it can be..because we are not thinking of other but moving on in technology..

Everyday there is a science disaster. The days are coming in which Humans will fully depend on science. To make their future comfortable they are destroying it. Once all is ruined they will have pity on themselves..but those days are too far to come. Now science is the most useful and succeeding thing in the whole universe..We salute our scientists don't we??...ya we do ....Science=Our FUTURE Now we know how it works don't we??
                                          Thank You!