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Cleanliness is a thing which was always uphold by our father of nation Gandhi . Cleanliness is nothing but keeping clean . Cleanliness is an important part of our living style . Keeping clean will attract our friends,natives,teachers and so on. Cleanliness is not all about cleaning our surroundings it is also about cleaning our inside thoughts .By keeping clean we have many uses like we feel somewhat free ,  new thoughts,ideas and solutions will flash for us. Overall we can conclude that cleanliness makes our future BRIGHT.

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cleanliness refers to clean mind as well as clean heart.we should be both mentally as well as physically clean.cleanliness also expresses our character.

people always sees our physical appearence to judge us.the people who are not cleanly dressed are always considered as bad people.

we are not the best only if we are physically clean , we need we be mentally clean as well.
God has made us and it is our duty to keep ourselves from our dearest heart.

then we can say " cleanliness is next to godliness " .