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Education plays an important role in our day to day life.Education is an excellent idea for achieving goal but today in our day to day sports and games also plays a major role. Sports and games keeps us fit and active so only we can do any work based on education. Sports and games not only makes active but it is an opportunity to gain knowledge. But today in the world No person is ready to join sports and games that's the reason for not getting jobs .. To become an employee we need two skills that is physically fit and mentally active. So here also sports and games are necessary. So I conclude that the keys towards success is sports and games.
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education is a very important part of our life.
we should be educated as it imparts knowledge.we can improve our world only if we are educated.

we do many activities in our daily life.
we go through a lot a stress and anxiety.
after some time we cannot concentrate because of this stress and anxiety.

we need to be refreshes by forgetting all these activities and playing some games and enjoying ourselves.

it will help us to concentrate on our studies more than before.

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