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    J & K is a agrarian economy. Most of its population lives on agriculture: rice, fruits, dry fruits, and also on animal husbandry. Rice, maize, vegetable and fruit crops are lost. Due to that (yield) supplies are affected. The affected land may not be as fertile as before. There will be loss of seeds. Due to the reduced availability of food stocks, the prices are increased and amount available to each family is reduced.
    The food stocks at each house are also affected. Their assets inside house are damaged.  The poorest work, earn and eat each day.  Their limited supplies are lost totally.  The public distribution systems are partially disrupted due to accessibility problems.  Water supplies are also affected (contaminated). Hygiene is a very important concern too.   

    The assessment of the damage to property is estimated to be Rs 5,000 crores. The total loss could be estimated in Rs billions. The economy of J & K will take years to restore the status of people in the affected regions.   
Some monetary info:

    Thousands of crores are already granted by the central government and 100's of crores are marked by the J&K government for the repair and compensation to the affected. The business and markets and hence revenue is affected. To repair damaged things, it requires a lot effort and funds. The economy of J & K goes behind some months in the affected regions.

Floods and Direct damages:

   Jhelum floods had affected the regions around Srinagar. About 50 bridges were damaged. Landslides caused by heavy rains blocked roads, damaged buildings and crops also. Due to the floods and rains, the highway traffic had been cut off for 4 days. Many trains were halted. Even flights were also cancelled. There were about 400 villages submerged. Over a thousand villages affected badly. Two lakhs of people were evacuated from their places.   Links to rest of the country was cut off for 4 days.

   The floods impacted directly and indirectly 10 lakhs of the population. Communication facilities, accessibility, availability of supplies (food related), agriculture, and the livestock.   There have been heavy losses to the assets of various types including public infrastructure.
There was a terrible damage and impact on the roads, markets, food price rise. The water resources were contaminated. Medical facilities were required to restrict contagious diseases.  A lot of clothes and blankets were needed for affected people. Basic facilities such as shelter and food had to be given to the dislocated people.

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