Can you give me ideas for Science Exhibition? I need to prepare a working model for Geography. Any good topic will do. I'm in class 9th so it needs to be a little complex...not just a volcano. Thanks in advance! P.S. even if you have an idea for a non-working model, it will be great :)



You can create different types of land forms like plateaus, mountains, coastal plains, rivers etc. i have done one on my own . Here are the things you need :
1. a big cardboard and white chart
2. poster paints (acrylic is better)
3. lots of newspaper
4. lots of white glue
5. cotton
6. blue glitters
7. sand
8. grass
Procedure : 
1. take a big cardboard and stick a white chart on it.
2. draw the outline of india map on that.
3. draw details of land forms on the map.
4. take many sheets of newspaper and keep them in in water and add lots of glue to the mixture. keep it aside for 2-3 hours.
5. take out the newspapers from the mixture and take out the excess water.
6. set the mixture for plateaus, mountains, and ghats but keep variation on their heights. the height for mountains be highest, then ghats' height, then the plateaus' heights.
7. let them dry completely. leave some gaps for marking important rivers and coastal plains.
8. paint the mountains brown and stick cotton on them. paint the rivers and seas blue and sprinkle glitter on them.
9. paint the plateaus brown and green and stick grass on it.
10. paint the coastal plains yellowish brown and stick sand on them. let them dry completely.
 if you want you can make modifications you want to. i used the following method. you can make it better by adding your own methods.
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