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Take long piece of insulated flexible wire and an iron nail. wind the wire tightly around the nail in the form of a coil. connect the free ends of the wire to the terminals of a cell through a switch. now switch on the current and the nal will act as an electromagnet.
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take a piece of wire and strip the insulation from the 2 ends . wind the wire around the iron nail . connect the 2 ends of the wire to the two ends of the wire to the two terminals of an electric cell . this is an electromagnet . bring this close to a safety pin . the safety pin gets attracted to the iron nail .
Electromagnet is temporary magnent.its acting as a magnet only when the current is passed through.inorder to make an electromagnet take anew rust free iron nail,then wind copper wire around it .then connect its end to the terminals of a cell.then allow the current to pass it willact as an electromagnet.if we show the end of the iron nail to another iron piece it will attract.when current is not passed through it wont act as a magnet