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parallellogram have four which opposite sides are parrallel to each other.
square is four sided figure but it's sides are adjacent to each other the make right angle.
in rhombus diagonal bisect at right angle.
in rectangle opposite sides are equal.

area of  :-----

parallelogram:   base × corressponding altitude
rectangle:           length × breadth
square:              {side}²
 rhombus:           1/2 × 1diagonal  × 2diagonal               
                                                                   plz mark it bes
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Parallelogram= Two sides are parallel.Opposite angles are congruent.Consecutive angles are supplementary angles.
Square= All sides are equal and parallel. Its all angle forms 90 degree angle.
Rhombus= All the properties of parallelogram applies on rhombus.
Rectangle = It had parallel sides. All angles are right angle. Diagonals are congruent.

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