1)he was the first prime minister and his speech trusty with destiny inspired many people

2)when historians look upon his letters they find it very interesting n inspiring basically for children . his birthday is also celebrated as childrens day

3)his father motilal Nehru served twice as a president for indian national congress during independence struggle

4)Nehru was too much interested in hindus n buddisht scriptures

5)he wrote 61 books

1- Pandit Jawahar lal nehru swatantra bharat ke pehle pradhaan mantri the.
2- unka janm Allahabad mein 14 november,1889 ko hua tha.
3-unke pita ka naam motilal nehru tha.
4-ve baccho ko bahut pyaar karte the.
5-ve bahut hi lokpriya pradhaan mantri the.

Hope It Helps!!!