701-235 Sherbrooke St.
Montreal, QC H3C 1L4

January 11, 20xx
Dear Frank, 

All the best to you for the New Year! How are things going in the Land of the Rising Sun? I must say, I really envy you getting that Tokyo gig with the company. Somehow they overlooked me on that one and I am forced to slug it out here through another frigid and snowy Montreal winter. 

I heard through the grapevine that business is going well there. Rumor has it that you guys are just about to close a big deal with the Japanese government for an M-750 Simulator. Great news! Good for the company and good for you. Keep up the great work! 

I have to go now and attend to family duties. Jonathon needs some help with his homework and Angie wants me to fix something in the kitchen. You single guys traveling the world sure are lucky! 

Keep me posted whenever you can. I really enjoy receiving your letters and getting the details of your life in Japan. 

Your squash buddy,