Child labour 
it's a disease that's affecting the whole's not at all good .today parents are urging their children to work.many children have their own personal problems like a drunkard father and many other.our government tells us that they have started the education policy but they don't know if it's working or not . please support to stop child labour . friends i know you also don't like it .so let's be unite to stop it . because unity is strength . support please
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It is unfortunate that child labour problem is present in India.  India has a lot poor people and many orphans.  The children of those poor people have to work for earning sufficient income for themselves and their families. 

The child labour is more due to their helplessness than any other cause. Government has introduced many strict laws against child labour.  Many children are rescued from labour work and joined in children's rescue homes.  They are being helped by the government for schooling, shelter, food etc.

There are many news reports on such rescue operations in the last decade.   In fact, nowadays we observe that there not much of child labour.  Even the poor people are joining their children in schools and not sending them to work. In some years the problem of child labour will be eradicated totally.

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