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Dear Diary...
i have just noticed my neighbor dumping garbage just beside my house.So i have planned to form a group of people in order to protest about polution.I also made sure that the people who dumped garbage in front of my house rather pick it up and put it in a dust bin or a garbage truck nearby.
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what is the picture attached ? what is it about ?
that picture attached here shows how clean and green we must maintain. our surroundings.
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     For the last few days I have observed that neighbouring  people seem to be dumping garbage near the house.  It has started smelling bad. The stink is too much to bear. It is just unbearable while entering and exiting the house.  Why do people do that?  Even the educated people send their children to dump garbage there.  It is so bad of them.  I am unable to open the window for the fear of insects, mosquitoes and stink.

    The mosquitoes, insects and microbes are really a concern to our health. I must speak to the neighbours about it.  We must then report this to the ward in-charge, counsellor and local respected gentlemen.  I will write a letter to the counsellor to arrange a garbage can or box nearby. Then people will not dump next to house.
Now it is time to sleep as it is late in the night already.

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