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News reporter:- good morning doctor, its nice to take your interview on adverse effects of smoking.
doctor:- good morning thank you
rep:- now a days so many are addicted to smoking. whats your opinion?
doc:- yeah this habit is causing a lot of ill health and recording highest consumption of cigars
rep:- any adverse effects?
doc:- there are so many diseases that effect our body due to smoking. lung cancer , leukamia cataracts, and other cancer diseases.
rep:- is there any remedy?
doc:- stoping smoking, eating fibre rich food, etc
 rep:- thank you doctor
doc:- ok
  hope this helps
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Mohan Mishra (News Reporter) : Good morning, Dr. Kalpana. It's a pleasure to have the chance to take an interview of the most reliable and trustworthy doctor in town.
Dr. Kalpana Chauhan : Good morning to you too. 
Mohan : Can you tell us something about the adverse effects of cancer?
Dr. Kalpana : Of course. Smoking is a very unhealthy habit. Before every movie show, they show a smoking warning. Smoking can cause lung cancer, breathing problems and cough.
Mohan : Thank you for that piece of information. I will look forward to talking to you again. Thank you for giving us some of your valuable time.
Dr. Kalpana : You're welcome. I'll see you later.
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