Dear My Friend Sam,
 How`s the weather there in Austria?. Hope you guys are still doing fine all through these years. I really miss our friends and band mates there. I personally would like to tell you that I am in a good condition and we are still on the process of living the life here normally. Anyways everything else here is doing going especially in school. We`ve actually had a great time celebrating the independence day here. The school organized the fun fair activity very well. Since its an independence day celebration all of the students here took participation joining different contests and activities. I can describe the whole event as very festive. fun, entertaining and the excitement never ends. If only you guys were here I`m sure you`ll also enjoy being here. I wish you were also studying here so we can be updated again anytime. The celebration is a whole day event and the organizers presented some historical and modern theme kind. There were film showing, plus different festivities as if like there is United nations parade. Its really awesome. I attached some of cool photos which you can share to our mates there. Hopefully someday we could meet again there. Mom and Dad promise me to spend the school break there so I guess we will visit you guys. Anyways, I need to go now that`s all for the updates. Be good boys. Your friend. Vaishnavi

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