biodiversity is related to biology.

it means  the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a habitat.

the three main types of biodiversity are ecosystem diversity , species diversity and genetic diversity.

Species diversity is the number of different species in the world or in a particular region.

Ecosystem diversity refers to the diversity of a place in the stage of ecosystems.

Genetic diversity,refers to the total number of genetic characteristics in the genetic set of a species. 

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Bio means Life and Diversity means variety.

A biodiversity can be defined as the totality of flora , fauna, genes and ecosystem of  a place or a region.

It is very important for us.It give us food, oxygen , shelter and soil enrichment, medicines , industrial materials and much more.

It maintains the balance of nature.

It regulates the climate.

It refers to the the variety of lifes.

Raymond F. Dasmann, wildlife scientist and conservationist in 1968 used the term biological diversity.

Biodiversity is divided into three varieties that is
1.Species diversity.

2.Ecosystem diversity.

3.Genetic diversity.

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