Now Il Teach You How to Learn P Language very Easily Just You Might know vowels
 Vowels : A,E,I,O,U Now To learn It You Have To Add Every Time P After that vowel And Add The Last same Letter again For
 Example eg :
What : whapat
        Your : yopoupur
         name : napamepe
eg: 2
        I : ipi Love you : Lopovepe Yopou
eg 3.
 Wow Amazing : wopow apamapaziping
 next examples you find Out
 1 Hey how are you
2 What are you doing
3 WOw I am lerning P language
 4 Lastly Word
5 Finnaly I Learned P Language

thats it you just Add P after vowel and Add the same vowel Thats it You have lernt It :) Thank You :)
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this is more of a code than a language, along the same lines as something like pig Latin. You basically just add the 'pe' sound in after every syllable in order to generate the language. plz mark it best