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                                     What does it mean to be wise?        
        Let's talk about what a true wisdom is and how it can influence our lives and our decisions.

        There is a story about an old, wise woman who was travelling in the mountains and found a precious gem in a stream, do you know it? Well, one time and old lady was passing through a mountain in order to get to her home. She found a precious stone in the river and kept it. It so happened that she met a merchant passing by who asked her for some food and she happily agreed. When she opened her sacks to get the food, the merchant caught a glimpse of the gem and asked her to give it to him as well - so she did, without any hesitation. The merchant left happy, knowing that it was going to set him for life, he felt lucky. 

        You know what happened next? Do you think that he sold it and became extremely rich? Well, not exactly. He turned back and found the woman after a couple of days, he understood what's more important than money and asked her: 

        Could you please teach me what is so precious in You that You were able to give up this stone without even blinking? 

        You see, wisdom takes on countless masks and faces but one if them is that money doesn't give you the true happiness - being a good person does though.