With all the infra structure,modern technology,skyscrapers our cities lacks only in one thing and that is greenery. A green city is a clean city because people can get fresh air.Trees on both sides of the road can control pollution drastically.Parks in almost every colony would bring comfort to children and senior citizens.Instead planing for a swimming pool we may a beautiful garden in our houses/flats. Greenery in the city would bring cheer and glory to the people who are busy with their jobs and other responsibilities.Lets all join to make our city clean and green, a paradise for us.
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Urban areas are developing continuously. And new buildings are taking up the space of trees in our cities..
Trees are very useful for us humans. They add more oxygen in our atmosphere.
They also provide us with fresh air to breathe.They also decrease pollution by capturing many pollutants present in our atmosphere, so they r a must in cities as pollution is a major issue.
Trees also decrease temperature of our cities in summers.
They also increase the natural beauty of a city.
Increment in no. of trees will also result in increment in no. of  birds as trees are thier shelter.