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i am a girl.
after some times i will be becoming a woman.
i think that we are the one who allows the men to make us do all the house hold work.
if we fight for our rights and force them to do the house hold works then they too will be doing it.
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In India and some other countries, it is a tradition and part of the culture that many women choose to work at home and be house wives. It is not necessary that all women are like that and do house hold works alone. This tradition has been coming from ages. It is possible that many women prefer to do that and men also prefer that way.  Also, women may feel themselves safer at home than outside.

In many families, the husband also does household works.  In western countries, most wives and husbands share the work at home equally.  Man also cooks, cleans and takes care of children in addition to doing the job.

In India too, when both man and woman work, they share the household work.  Most probably, women take more care of children and cooking because they are experts in that field. In general, they take care of children better than men.