132 ft2 of carpet costs $477.84. What is the cost of the carpet per square foot?

Plz explain. Thank you

Francesca reads 57 pages every 2 h. How many pages can she read in 5 h? im pretty sure its 142.5 (right or wrong plz explain)

this is an example so i cant take notes and practice :)


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Cost of 132 ft² carpet = $477.84
Cost of 1 ft² carpet = $477.84÷132 = $ 3.62

You are correct in the the second question.
she can read 57 pages in 2 hours.
in 1 hour, she can read = 57÷2 = 28.5 pages
in 5 hours, she can read = 28.5×5 = 142.5 pages
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