once upon a time there lived a boy called RANDHIR SINGH SEKHAWAT. His family consisted his mother , father and he himself.his father was a drunkard . his mother was an educated woman.she want Randhir to study and she also wanted him not to be like his father.she started working in a small and un popular office.after about four years , see her capability , she was made the head of the office.she desperately needed money to make Randhir she was always in office , she could not give much time to him.Randhir spent a lot of time with his this period of time he was told that his mother did not love him at all by his a child he believed it.

like this , he became an 18 years young boy.he was very good in he took admission in an engineering collage named Foundation Institution Of Technology And Engineering.there he met a girl whose name was Sanyukta Aggarwal.She was very brave and intellegent girl.randhir use to hate girls.he never liked any girl to  study engineering and thought that the right place for a girl is in the kitchen.he and sanyukta had tremendous fights and competitions.both of them like to win but randhir was actually an expert which sanyukta was not but sometimes both are very useful as some
competitons are inter collage competitions.they had to work together.but when it the question of the reputation of their collage then they never stepped back.they always fought together and won all the competitions.but still their personal competitions were held.

heir teacher was professor vardhan.he was very strict but very good as a mentour.randhir and sanyuktas fights were held for about 2 years.randhir had many other friends.vardhan as an experienced teacher knew that randhir and sanyukta were best friends. One day randhir got a letter that his parents were going to give divorce. The exams were going on in this period of time. All the friends of randhir were busy in their studies. it was sanyulta who went to randhirs parents and made them understand that oth of them were very important for randhir and if they are going to be separated then randhirs heart will break.she was able to convince them.from then randhir came to know that sanyukta was his true friend and all his other friends are the fake ones.