Tomorrow is my competition of poster making and slogan writing . Topics-
1 for public area , keep this area clean.
2. Good sanitation habits
3. E-pollution- hazard to life
4. Why no crackers diwali
So plz give any poster on any of one topic and slogan also... plz plz urgent. ,.......



You can draw a woman brooming the the place,or a few children washing their handṣ
Topic 1 -  Public Area, Keep This Area Clean
Suggestions - 
1) For the drawing - You may make a busy road, add as much as details as you can. Make a small board at one end of the road saying the topic. The board must be very dirty. There should be bits of paper, fruit peels and trash all over.
2) For the decorations - Make a bold border of black. Then write the topic with the help of a stencil. Colour it with bright colours and overlap it with glitter. Draw on one side and write a bit on the other side.

Hope I Helped... Pick as the best answer...