JAIPUR is located in rajasthan which is a state in india. 
jaipur is the capital of rajasthan.
it is known as the pink city
.the buildings of jaipur are all pink in colour.

jaisalmer fort is in jaisalmer.
jaisalmer is also a city in rajasthan.
it is also known as the sonar quilla.

maharana pratap was the son was udai singh.
he was married to ajabje.
his sons name was kunwar amar singh.
he was born on May 9, 1540.
he died in January 19, 1597.

rajasthani food is very heavy.
the staple food of rajasthan is roti made of bajra.
their food is oily.
it contains a lot of ghee.

rajasthani dance is very famous in india.
ghoomar is one of the types of rajasthani dance.
ghoomar is the traditional folk dance of rajasthan.