Easy way to understand new 10 class physics heat chapter

your text must be giving summary and must be giving good examples. are they not enough ? what ever the chapter is
is there Heat in the class 10 science syllabus? can u list the topics in that please. is it cbse , state syllabus, icse etc. if you mention these details, it will be easier to answer. then u can benefit better.
I dnt know wht problem do u hv
Y do u wnt more points... is it so??
the answer you gave , singhteju, is same for any subject, any topic, what is relevant to physics, what is relevant to heat ?.. is it really a home work help u r giving..


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We can understand yhe the concept of heat by referring HEAT books and try to do some experiments based on the concept of heat. Ask questions to ur frnds and try to answer their questions based on physics.