I need 5 questions that youtube should not be blocked....its for debate?

i need five questions!!!
like why yopu don't like youtube types??
i just need questions....iam not asking the answer for it....i should prove tat youtube is safe there is no disadvantages
what happen



1. it has education videos. (sometimes) I learned a few things on there for math

2. it shows you how to do stuff. (like, (ik this isn't a great answer but) hacking into your computer if its locked or something)

that's all I got so far...I hoped I helped out :)

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As you want questions I am adding them..

1) Why Do You People Think That Youtube Isn't Safe Enough?
2) While I think that youtube has no disadvantage it's just clear..Then what is     your opinion?
3) Youtube has much to learn etc etc...so why is there a doubt in your mind          that's it's not good enough..?
4) If you feel that Youtube isn't safe then what should the Youtube safety             actually contain?
5) If Youtube isn't safe enough and has disadvantages then why would              people use it..People use it for : listening music....watching films, stories            etc...There is lot for children etc etc ....Then why isn't it useful.?.I think it's     useful enough..
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i asked r u happy because i marked u as best so....
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