(i) It does not obey the Maxwell theory of electrodynamics, according to it  “A small charged particle moving around an oppositely charged centre continously loses its energy”. If an electron does so, it should continuously lose its energy and should set up spiral motion ultimately failing into the nucleus. But We know that atoms are quite stable.(ii)  It could not explain the line spectra of H- and discontinuous spectrum nature.
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1) couldn't explain the stability of the atoms. 
    - as per the electromagnetic theory of Maxwell, charged particles when accelerated (when a body is moving in the orbit, it undergoes acceleration. so electrons in the nuclear model describing planets like orbits is under acceleration,) should emit electromagnetic, radiation, There fore electron in an orbit emit radiation , energy carried by radiation comes from electronic motion . Orbit will continue to shrink . But this does not happen . If this happens model of atom will change to Thomson's mode
2)if electrons were stationery , electrostatic attraction will pull the electrons to dense nucleus 

3)does not  say anything about electronic structure of atom ( arrangement of electrons )