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Cleanliness may refer to physical and mental and behavioural. 

Cleanliness is a good habit and very useful for all of us. When we keep ourselves clean physically we are not allowing any bad insects or diseases or germs to grow. We are not allowing bad things to flourish. Our physique stays healthy. We will be able to think of good thoughts.

When we keep the surroundings clean, we are not allowing the demon-like germs, insects and diseases to spread around the world and cause damage to neighbouring people. We are directly or indirectly helping others.  We are also teaching good habits to ignorant people.

When we see clean things and pure things around, we do not get bad ideas. We feel happy in heart and mind and we will be inclined to help others. So we healthy mentally and in heart.

Cleanliness is perhaps not Godliness as we can not do what all God does.  But it is next to being Godly, as we are helping others to be in good health and to be good.
Children and saints (sages) are said to be Gods or God's people.  Because they keep their minds clean. They do not pollute the environment. They obey the laws of nature.  They try for the good of human kind. This is what God wants.

People with clean minds are good, helpful.  They work for prosperity of all humanity and animals too.  They help others and protect others like God does.

So cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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cleanliness refers to clean mind as well as clean heart.

we should be both mentally as well as physically clean.

cleanliness also expresses our character.

people always sees our physical appearence to judge us.

the people who are not cleanly dressed are always considered as bad people.

we are not the best only if we are physically clean , we need we be mentally clean as well.

God has made us and it is our duty to keep ourselves from our dearest heart.

then we can say " cleanliness is next to godliness " .
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