See first the easy way...1/2 multiplied by 3/4 so you have to : multiply the numerator with the numerator and the denominator with the denominator so it's like 1 into 3= 3 and 2 into 4=8 so it's like 3/8 ..

Now the difficult I mean shortcut way! ( use a shortcut when needed in bigger numbers the shortcut is all about: )

See don't get confused it's easy you just have to change it to it's lowest form a little before i mean You don't need to get the answer and then do it to the lowest form like this : 4/6 so both are divided bye 2 so your answer would be 2/4 and then again by 2 so your final answer would be 1/2

But if we use a shortcut then it's different...How? let's see
12/24 multiplied by 24/12 = so you have to put it in lowest form now only but by checking it cross 12 and 12 would have a common divisor and that is 12 it get's to 1 and 24 and 24 also get's to 1 ..So your answer 9 already in it's lowest form ) would be 1/1

Hope This Much Helps!
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