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It is difficult to calculate the speeds exactly.  The following are not the fastest speeds.

You could observe the movement of some domestic animals in real life. If you observe their speed in meters/sec at home or on road or in some outing, then  you can estimate the speed in kmph. You can also estimate their speeds based on the relative speeds like a dog runs faster than a cat.

     Cat -  45 kmph                    Dogs - 50 kmph 
    Rabbit - 50 kmph                 Rats -  24 kmph
    Lizards - 0.3 kmph           Cows - 12 kmph
     Bullocks - 12 kmph          Goats - 25 kmph

These are approximate estimates.

Wild animals 

These are some estimates of their average speeds over some duration of time. You can also estimate the speeds in comparison with other wild animals too. Many animals cannot run with this speed over a long distance as they do not have the stamina or they are too heavy.

Tiger 60 kmph
Elephants - 30 kmph
Cheetah - 100 kmph or more
Lion - 50 kmph to 60 kmph - cannot run at high speed for a long duration
deer - 50 kmph - can run fast for relatively long duration

Rabbit - 20 km to 25 km
Crow - 40 kmph
Eagle - 100 kmph or more
Wild horse -  60 km
Swan on water -  10 kmph
Wild duck swims - 10 km/hour

Wild dogs - 60 kmph
Crocodile - 10 kmph on land,  20 kmph in water

Fish  - 50 to 100 kmph depending on the type of fish
Frog - 18 t o 20 kmph