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      Swachch Bhaarat campaign is a well thought out idea. It is the high time, we implemented it.

          Swachch Bhaarat is the program and campaign initiated by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2014. Mr. Modi himself had cleaned a road in Delhi to initiate the campaign in style.

  It was started to realize the dream of Mahatma Gandhi of Clean India. Gandhiji used to give a lot of importance and attention to cleanliness and hygiene. He wished that Indians learn about hygiene and be on par with the westerners in practising hygiene.
     Swachch Bharat mission has two components. The urban component will be for about 4,000 towns for 5 years. Expected cost is Rs 62,000 crore. The center will assist with about Rs 15,000 crore.  This part of the mission will work with the Ministry of urban development.

  The Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan (NBA) is restructured into Swachch Bharat mission for the rural areas. The mission will work with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.   These two components will provide individual household toilets, community and public toilets.  They will manage the municipal solid waste too.  The numbers are gigantic. The mission covers 1 crore households and a few lakhs of toilets.

      If all young and adult citizens keep their surroundings clean, then the diseases will not spread any more. Our house, our locality and country will look more beautiful.  In the matters of cleanliness, waste disposal, waste recycling, and protection of ourselves, we are much behind the western countries.

    If we maintain India clean in villages, slums and crowded areas, the money spent on diseases, medicines and hospitals will be saved for the benefit of home and for the nation. Actually cleanliness is the social responsibility of every citizen and resident.  It will improve the financial status of the government too.

     Clean India campaign will spread the awareness of ways of maintaining cleanliness among the poor and the careless.  We will commit to "we don't pollute/litter, nor we will allow anyone to litter".  

   It is surprisingly as simple as 2 hours a week for each person. So it is affordable.  Most of the country is concurrently engaged on each Sunday for this task.

      For making India clean, we have to arrange garbage bins (waste boxes) every street corner. We have to build a number of toilets in villages where they are not available still.  Municipal and panchayats play very important role in this.  Schools too should take so that children do not fall sick, and that children learn the best health habbits.


     Clean India campaign will be successful only if it becomes a human chain at all levels in each town and village.  The TV, newspapers and radio are already spreading it.  Many celebrities including film stars have been invited by the government to take part in the campaign and spread the awareness.

       The children and the schools have a lot to contribute in this direction. The children in schools are to be imparted good morals and taught the good ways of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.  Also, they will become habituated to working with clean environment, and taking care of cleaning themselves without depending on others. They are also educated regarding the various aspects of health, and impacts of dirt and garbage on health.  They will take care of the future Clean India.

      It is possible that some municipalities and villages are unable to handle the task completely. Some voluntary organisations or some private persons interested in taking the responsibility of clearing the garbage must be given a chance. There are some practical projects to generate biogas, electricity, or recycling materials from the waste.  Such projects must be encouraged.       The government of India is giving a lot of importance to the mission. Every Sunday we have the media showing a lot of video clips and news on the subject of swachch Bharat. The target for the completion of mission is the year 2019.  

     The union cabinet also approved setting up of a Clean Ganga Fund. The fund will accept voluntary donations from citizens, NRIs and people of Indian origin.  The fund will be used towards conservation of cleanliness, and sanctity of the river Ganga.  A mission called Namami Gange will be set up with an initial outlay of Rs 2,000 crores.

       Two weeks into the execution, the enthusiasm is growing.  Lakhs of government employees and representatives of people have become part of the implementation.

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