This is a story u can relate ur comic to...................

Once a young woodcutter, went in the forest to cut woods. On his way he met a beautiful dove who said, "I'll tell u a story. But if u break the silence, while i m still speaking, opened ur mouth I will leave. So, condition accepted?". "Sure", said the woodcutter. The dove said "So, here goes the story....................
 Everyone was dying. All the animals, birds and the plants were dying. Why? Because the atmosphere became highly toxic, so very harmful that breathing in air was fatal. This was all because of no trees were present now, all were cut. No trees lived now, only the pollution did.  The water was too extremely polluted. But one species survived. Or lets say a handful of humans survived. That is  because they were using oxygen masks. They were very expensive. All people could not afford them. One of them was a lad, named Prithvi. He was alone, all his family and friends had died. He was also dying, he thought that these were his last breaths. He almost closed his eyes.............. but before closing his eyes he saw a faint light...... and some shadows of strange beings approaching him..........then..... he fell.
Prithvi opened his eyes and saw him in some other land. There was greenery all around. Joy everywhere. He saw some beings approaching him. He realised that were those beings he saw while dying. They were not humans. ?They were .............aliens!. Yes aliens. They had bought him to their planet and told him that they provided him with oxygen mask and restored him. Now he can go back to his planet with a stock of these oxygen masks. He felt happy, rejoiced that he was saved. But now his face fell down. He thought about his home , earth and said that he would take some seeds instead of the masks. Some aliens protested but then finally agreed. They got him home by a space ship , he had only a single oxygen mask left with him. That too almost used up. But he planted as many trees as he could and finally.............died. Before dying he wished that his planet would be restored.

So thats the story. I think Prithvi was a fool. He should have taken the mask and not the plants and.........................." 
The woodcutter protested in between" No dear dove he saved the earth. he grew more plants. he was not a fool."
"i dont know. But u broke ur promise and now ...... bye." the dove started to fly away.
The woodcutter said " i know dove, u wanted to make me realise of the importance of our trees, our forests.Now i know. I wont cut trees again dove. Thanks." 
The dove smiled.

Moral; We should not cut trees, save forests, save life.


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