Government should put taxes for three and more children.

Family planning is necessary.

Education Is also necessary.
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Over population in India is a big problem. We need to rectify that soon.

Some of the remedies could be to educate the poor people in villages about the problems of over population. People give birth to a lot of children because they feel their children will look after them in their old ages.  The parents want to have a male child.  They must be convinced that a girl in these days could be as good as a boy.

There could be a birth control scheme like in China. They imposed fines on people having more than one child.  Government should do this.

People must be give incentives to have only one child.  The various welfare schemes, free rice or ration cards, reservation in colleges, jobs etc., should be withdrawn for families with more than one child.  In a few years, the population will decrease.

Birth control methods must be publicised and materials may be supplied at very low cost or free.