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17-10-2014                                                    Reference: notice/2014/10/123
New Delhi
                                 Pollution Control Board
                        (Ministry of Environment/Urban Planning)
                                  xyz street,   New Delhi 
                                       PUBLIC   NOTICE

    All the people are hereby informed that use of plastic (polythene) carry bags of thickness less than 40 microns is banned from 01-11-2014 onwards.  Also, all the PE bags made from natural gas and petroleum are banned hereafter.  Any individual,  agency or industry engaged in production, storage, sale or use of the above said bags will be punished as per the act 123 (2014), section 847.
    The decision has been taken to prevent non-biodegradable varieties of PE bags and to protect our environment. However, bio-degrading PE, bio-derived or bio-plastics are permitted. All the licensed manufacturing facilities will be audited by the PCB in the next two weeks. Heavy fines will be levied on the defaulting units. The entrepreneurs are advised to convert their units to produce the bio-friendly versions ASAP.

Pollution Control Board

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