Its means that you are going to do something interesting. Do adventure makes you feel happy and excited. An adventure makes you full of confidence . It makes you physically and mentally healthier.Even when you go to an adventure you feel freshness in your mind and excitement in your heart. It is a activity that can touches your heart.
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Watch your thoughts, cause thoughts reflects your action. Watch your actions, cause actions reflects your ideas. Watch you idea, cause idea makes what you are and let me tell you one thing that it my ideas, what make me who i m. You may be wondering why i haven't addressed such a great personalities on the dice, But, let me tell you one thing, that it's self is to show you my idea. My idea of uniqueness. 
                      In this, vast world, we could find billions of people around, 121 crores of people with in our india. So to show up some thing, to stand ahead of all of them , one need to be unique. And there lies his destiny. My destiny is in my hands. I need to be unique among all the ones around me to show my talents.
I m having the potential , i m having the power, i m having the goodness , ideas, trust...and everything. So i m not meant to crawl. I  m having the wings, so let me fly with that to high above the sky to catch my dreams. And that's what gonna make me unique..