Animals are used by us in many ways as-
.We use them as means of transport ,to carry loads.
.We also use them in farming.
.People enjoy horse riding.
.People also use them in playing many games such as -Polo.
.Animals like buffaloes, cows and goats give milk, and we also drink that milk.
.We use them to make clothes ,like -sheep gives wool and many animals' skin is used to make clothes.
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Animals from the very beginning time have been used by the people in different ways. First , they were used as a means for food. Men hunted them and ate their flesh to keep their hungry away. After that , they began to use animals for travel affairs. People started using them to transport heavy goods from one place to other. When they started agriculture, people began using them for doing works. Animals are used for making clothes from their skin. Men started hunting animals for their skin cause it protected them from severe cold.Now a days. it's used as a part of luxury. Animals were also used for hunting. We can find some hunters using wild dogs for hunting purposes. Now police are using dogs for catching the culprits through the smell detection power of them. We also owns dogs for protecting our house . Animals like horses are used in race. Camels which are the ship of deserts are used to travel in deserts.