Unity in diversity! The best example for this is India........Here, we can see various types of cultures, religions ,languages different types of people ,their wearing styles everything is different ,but there has been always an underlined unity in diversity in India. All citizens live together with love ,or for a good example suppose that India is like a bouquet in which all people of India lives together and looks beautiful. Like that the whole Earth would become an example for this .............It would be like heaven and we should help everyone and live happily.......

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People of India from various regions are different from one another in their living styles, culture, and facial features. People of one region resemble one another, follow similar customs, and speak the same language.  People of eastern states are quite diverse (different) from people of south of India or from Kashmir.

Yet all people live together in India being part of the federal structure. All people unite in parliament, ministries, committees, and administration and make decisions to affect the entire country.  All people are treated equally. People of India follow many different religions and faiths. Hindus form the majority of Indians, but they respect other religions too.

There are many castes in each region. But people of different castes mix well with other castes and share the resources of the nation.  Lifestyle of villagers is quite different from those of the urban citizens.  People in hilly areas or forests have an altogether different life style. Indian government gives equal importance to all categories.

We stand as a country when ever an issue of national importance arises. All uphold the sovereignty and oneness of our country. Whenever an Indian goes out of the country, he/she always proud to be an Indian.

This is the unity in diversity. The world appreciates India's peaceful and harmonic upholding of unity in diversity.