1. why is the atmosphere essential for life?
2. why is water essential for life?
3. how are living organisms dependent on the soil? are organisms that live in water totally independent of soil as a resource?
4.how do you think we are able to predict the weather?
5. write a note on how forests influence the quality of our air,soil and water resources.

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1>atmosphere protects from sun radiations.
2>water incerses glucose levels in our body.
3>living organisms get food indirectly (from trees etc.,)and water it allows water to sink slowly so we get water some what speed.
4>yes we can predict it as our weather forecasting department do.
5>forests reduce the speed of air flow by abstracting wind,saves soil from errosion ,forests are responsible for rain i.e, water..........

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1. atmosphere is a thick layer of gasses formed when the earth was cooling down
2. it is the only reason for the existence of life on earth
3. as atmosphere has green house gases which help in trapping the sun's heat due to which the temperature is balanced 
4. only due to the presence of atmosphere the hydro logical cycle is taking place i.e. water if formed
5. we know that plants are the only means of food on our planet with out them life doesn't exist 
6. plants prepare there food using CO₂,chlorophyll,water in the presence of sunlight
7. if there is no atmosphere then there is no chance of photosynthesis (the process through which plants prepare there food).
hence atmosphere is essential for life to exist on this planet
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