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With the inter planetary mission, India has proved that it will become a leader in near future in the space technology and science.

   The objectives of MOM are to demonstrate our capabilities and status in space technology and exploration of Mars. The MOM will explore the minerals, morphology, surface features and atmosphere using indigenously developed equipment and instruments.

    Mars Orbitor Misson (MOM) is the spacecraft launched by Indian Space Research Organization on 5th November from SHAR at SriHarikota.  It is also called Mangalyaan. It is carried into space by the PSLV (polar satellite launch vehicle). 

   MOM has raised Indian Space Program to a higher level. ISRO launched with success in the first attempt itself. Other countries (China, Russia, USA etc) could not achieve that record. Mangalyaan is the first inter-planetary mission for India. 

Its project cost was Rs 450 crores.
Successful launch of MOM has increased the confidence of the other nations in ISRO.  They will give orders to ISRO to launch their satellites and space crafts in future. 

In the payload of 15kg, MOM carries five scientific instruments.  All the findings by them will help understanding of evolution of Mars.