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Advertisements are all around us and it is almost impossible for us to not know the latest items in stores.Most of these ads are about the product that the companies are selling ,but there is more to it than just that ;they are also about personal beliefs and feelings. although we think that we donot give much importance to the values presented in ads,they actually do have a big impact on how we think and how we act .
ours is an age of advertisements.the television ,the radio ,the cinema and all other means of communications are full of advertisements now.they are also visible on building walls, buses,railway stations and airports .all good positions along roads and highways are used by advertising houses to put up their ads and banners.
these ads have their negative side also.they also create a false demand by their flattering language .sometimes they advertise for the sole purpose of cheating people .to check this menace ,the government has also established various bodies to find the reality of the goods so advertised ,and a lying advertisement cannot sell worthless stuff fot long ,for the people who buy it will not buy it a second time .
as abraham lincon said "you can take in all the people part of time ;and you can take in some people all the time ;but you cannot take all the in all the people all the time "



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1) What are the means of advertisements?
2) What are the negative sides to ads?
3) What did Abraham Lincoln quote?

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There are some different questions in my answer which are easy and so I did not write the answers. They are written boldly in the passage.