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This is the story of an army person who had a proper knowledge of things relating to military.He was one among others who were under training.The narrator was one of them.The narrator states that this army person was known as 'Professor'.It was because he knew too much about everything relating to army.As was the tradition, he was nicknamed as 'Private Quelch' and/or 'Professor' also.
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The story is about a man called private quelch who likes to show off his knowledge and due to his looks his co- trainees gave him the name called "professor". although private quelch was intelligent, due to his habit of interrupting his trainers, he did not achieve his goal which is to get a stripe and acquire a commission. the story ends with private quelch showing of his knowledge in the army kitchen on how to peel potatoes. this was a punishment given by corporal turnbull to private quelch for instructing him
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