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Some suggestions....
Write a horror story and end it with : When the ghost was about to capture/ eat me, I woke up with a start. And then you write the given lines.
I tell a tale which has not quite started yet.It was a saturday nigh in the deep dark wood when two little people were walking."Are we lost?" said one "i guess so" said another. they walked with fear when they saw a scary shadow.....What was it? "ahh" screamed one and "shush" said another and when the shadow came closer it wasn't scary at all. It was a rabbit!" why are you scared"asked the rabbit- i'm just a rabbit! "we are lost !" said the children.but the rabbit said he could help and that the forest was magical and that they had to pass three doors to get there.I was shoked! I have a phobia for frogs- and there was a frog sitting on my neatly combed hair! I woke up with a start. Thank God it was a dream. so now it was well after midnight anyway so i went to sleep.
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